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Special Issue: Multi-Agent Systems and Explainable AI    Special Issue “Advances in Multi-Agent Systems II”    Special issue: Selected papers from the 37th Italian Conference on Computational Logic (CILC 2022)    Special Issue on Trustworthy AI    Special issue: Selected papers from the 22nd Workshop “From Objects to Agents” (WOA 2021)    Special Issue “Advances in Multi-Agent Systems”    Special Issue “Multi-Agent Systems” 2019    Special Issue “Multi-Agent Systems”    Special Issue of Theory and Practice of Logic Programming: Past and Present (and Future) of Parallel and Distributed Computation in (Constraint) Logic Programming    Special Section on Coordination in Large-Scale Socio-Technical Systems    Special Issue of the Journal “Intelligenza Artificiale” for the 25th Anniversary of AI*IA    Special issue on “New challenges in Bio-inspired algorithms in complex and distributed problems”    Special Issue on Software Agents    Special Issue “Infrastructures and Tools for Multiagent Systems”    Special Issue “The AgentLink Perspective on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems”    Special Issue on Foundations, Advanced Topics and Industrial Perspectives of Multi-agent Systems    Special Issue “Process Algebras and Multi-Agent Systems”    Special Issue “Revised Reports from Selected Technical Forum Groups at the 1st & 2nd AgentLink III Technical Forums”    Special Issue of the “Artificial Intelligence and Law” Journal on Computational Institutions    Special Issue “Hot Topics in European Agent Research II”    Special Issue “Hot Topics in European Agent Research I”    Special Issue “Agenti e vincoli: modelli, tecnologie e metodi per dominare la complessità”    Special Issue “Coordination and Collaboration Technologies”    Special Issue “Coordination and Knowledge Engineering”    Special Issue “Coordination Models and Languages in AI”    Special Issue “Coordination as a Paradigm for Systems Integration”

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