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Coordination Models, Languages and Applications. Special Track of the 1999 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing
San Antonio, TX, USA, 01/03/1999–02/03/1999

A special track on coordination models, languages and applications will be held at SAC'99. The term "coordination" here is used in a rather broad sense covering traditional models and languages (e.g. ones based on the Shared Dataspace and CHAM metaphors) but also other related formalisms such as configuration and architectural description frameworks, systems modeling abstractions and languages, programming skeletons, etc.

This track on coordination is held for the second time as part of ACM SAC's  events. The CFP for the ACM SAC'98 track attracted 33 submissions from 18 countries; 8 of those submissions were accepted as regular papers and 4 more as short papers.

This track on coordination is held for the third time as part of ACM SAC's events.

topics of interest

Major topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Novel models, languages, programming and implementation techniques.
  • Relationship with other computational models such as object oriented, declarative (functional, logic, constraint) programming or extensions of them with coordination capabilities.
  • Applications (especially where the industry is involved).
  • Theoretical aspects (semantics, reasoning, verification).
  • Software architectures and software engineering techniques.
  • Configuration and Architecture Description Languages
  • Middleware platforms (e.g. CORBA).
  • All aspects related to the modeling of Information Systems (groupware, Internet and the Web, workflow management, CSCW).
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