DEBS 2013

7th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems
Arlington, Texas, USA, 29/06/2013–03/07/2013

The annual ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS) provides a forum dedicated to the dissemination of original research, the discussion of new practical insights, and the reporting of relevant experience relating to event-based computing. Event-based systems are rapidly gaining importance in many application domains, ranging from real-time data processing in web environments, logistics and networking, to complex event processing in finance and security. The event-based paradigm has gathered momentum as witnessed by current efforts in areas such as event-driven architectures, big data systems, the internet of things, complex event processing, publish/subscribe systems, business process management, grid computing, web services, information dissemination, stream processing, and message-oriented middleware. The DEBS conference brings together researchers and practitioners from these various communities to share their views and reach a common understanding of current research work and open challenges. The conference also provides a forum for facilitating the exchange of ideas between academia and industry.

This year, DEBS is specifically encouraging submissions on the role, importance and impact of events and event-based technologies in Big Data systems and applications.

topics of interest
  • Models, Architectures and Paradigms
    • Event-driven architectures
    • Big Data (event-processing in Big Data)
    • Internet of Things (event-processing in M2M)
    • Basic interaction models
    • Event algebras, event schemas and type systems
    • Languages for event correlation and patterns, streaming and continuous queries, data fusion
    • Models for static and dynamic environments
    • Complex event processing
    • Design and programming methodologies
    • Event-based business process management and modeling
    • Experimental methodologies
    • Performance modeling and prediction based on analytic approaches
    • Functional Reactive Programming
  • Middleware Infrastructures for Event-Based Computing
    • Federated event-based systems
    • Middleware for actuator and sensor networks
    • Algorithms and protocols
    • Optimization techniques for event-based (or streaming) systems
    • Event dissemination based on p2p systems
    • Context and location awareness
    • Fault-tolerance, reliability, availability, and recovery
    • Security issues
    • (Self-)Management
    • Mobility and resource constrained device support
    • Streaming queries, transformations, or correlation engines
    • Logic-based event processing
    • Semantic event processing
    • Business Process Management with events
  • Applications, Experiences, and Requirements
    • Use cases and applications of event-based systems
    • Real-world application deployments using event-based middleware
    • Domain-specific deployments of event-based systems
    • Real-world data characterizing event-based applications
    • Benchmarks, performance evaluations, and testbeds
    • Application requirements for next-generation event-based solutions
    • Relation to other architectures
    • Enterprise application integration
    • Event-driven business process management
    • Information logistics
    • Seamless integration of event-based mechanisms into middleware platforms