ISCRAM-Med 2014

ISCRAM 2014 Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management in Mediterranean countries
Toulouse, France, 15/10/2014–17/10/2014

The aim of ISCRAM-med is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the area of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management. The conference will focus on Mediterranean crises but remains open to crises in other areas. It invites research and demo papers. 

Many crises have occurred in recent years around the Mediterranean Sea. For instance, we can mention political crises such as the Arabic Spring (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, ...), the economic crisis in Spain and Greece, earthquakes in Italy, fires in France and Spain, riots in French suburbs or even the explosion of the chemical plant AZF in Toulouse. Some of them even had a domino effect on others.

Also, the shared history between the Mediterranean countries and common geo-political issues led to solidarity among people and cross-country military interventions. This observation proves the importance of considering some of these crises in this region at a Mediterranean level rather than as isolated phenomena. If researchers working on crises that occurred in these countries have made work, often limited to a country or to a class of crises, it becomes appropriate now to exchange and share information and knowledge about the course and management of these crises and also to get the point of view of stakeholders, practitioners and policy makers.

topics of interest
  • Analytical Modelling and Simulation
  • Social Media Observation
  • Crisis Ontology
  • Community Engagement in Crisis Informatics Research
  • Command and Control Studies
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Disaster Relief Supply Chain Management
  • Information System Interoperability and Inter-organizational issues
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of IT Supported Emergency Response
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Humanitarian Information Systems
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Planning, Foresight and Risk Analysis
  • Practitioner Cases and Practitioner- Centered Research
  • Serious Games for Crisis Management
  • Visual Analytics for Crisis Management