2nd Annual Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity
Portland, Oregon, USA, 18/10/2011–22/10/2011

SPLASH stands for Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity. SPLASH is an annual conference that embraces all aspects of software construction and delivery, and that joins all factions of programming technologies. Since 2010 SPLASH is the umbrella for OOPSLA and Onward!. This year it features a third technical track, Wavefront, designed to publish innovative work closely related to advanced development and production software. SPLASH takes on the notable track record of OOPSLA as a premier forum for software innovation, while broadening the scope of the conference  into new topics beyond objects and new forms of contributions.

The overall theme of the conference is The Internet as the world-wide Virtual Machine.  This theme captures the change in the order of magnitude of computing that happened over the past few years. These days software systems are rarely designed in isolation; they connect to pieces written by 3rd parties, they communicate with other pieces over the Internet, they use big data produced elsewhere, they touch millions of interacting users through an ever larger variety of physical devices... in other words, the "machine" is now a global computing network. What does this entail for software development itself?

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