DALT 2005

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3rd International Workshop on Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies
Utrecht, Netherlands, 19/07/2005

“Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies”, in its third edition this year, is an well-established venue for researchers interested in sharing their experiences in declarative and formal aspects of agents and multi-agent systems, on the one hand, and in engineering and technology on the other. Today it is still a challenge to develop technologies that can satisfy the requirements of complex agent systems. Importantly, building multi-agent systems still calls for models and technologies that ensure predictability, enable feature discovery, allow the verification of properties, and guarantee flexibility. Declarative approaches are potentially a valuable means for satisfying the needs of multi-agent systems developers and for specifying multi-agent systems. 

The main goal of DALT is to provide a discussion to both (1) support the transfer of declarative paradigms and techniques into the broader community of agent researchers and practitioners, and (2) to bring the issues of designing real-world and complex agent system to the attention of researchers working on declarative programming and technologies

topics of interest

DALT topics of interst include, but are not limited to:

  • Declarative agent communication and coordination languages
  • Declarative approaches to the engineering of agent systems
  • Experimental studies of declarative technologies
  • Industrial and commercial experiences with declarative agent technologies
  • Formal methods for the specification and verification of agent systems
  • Distributed constraint satisfaction and constraint reasoning in agents 
  • Multi-criteria optimisation and distributed problem solving with constraints
  • Computational logics in multi-agent systems
  • Model Checking MAS
  • Declarative description of contracts and negotiation issues
  • Lessons learned from the design and implementation of agent systems
  • Declarative paradigms for the combination of heterogeneous agents
  • Constraints and agent systems
  • Declarative policies and security in MAS
  • Knowledge-based and knowledge-intensive MAS
  • Modeling of agent rationality
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