CoMA 2008

2nd International Workshops on Coordination Models and Applications: Knowledge in Pervasive Environments
Rome, Italy, 23/06/2008–25/06/2008
topics of interest
  • Theoretical coordination models and foundations for pervasive systems
  • Coordination models and languages for knowledge (using semantic data models such as RDF or OWL)
  • Coordination middleware (such as space- or event-based approaches)
  • Coordination mechanisms in (semantic) service-oriented architectures
  • Distributed and P2P-based coordination
  • Coordination in multi-agent systems
  • Coordination dependent on context
  • Integration of and mediation between coordination systems
  • Case studies, evaluations and assessments about the benefits of (semantic) coordination
  • Coordination in highly dynamic environments
  • Health care systems
  • Decision-support systems
  • Geo-Collaboration
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