ECAS 2021

6th eCAS Workshop on Engineering Collective Adaptive Systems
Virtual Conference, 27/09/2021–01/10/2021

The eCAS’21 workshop focusses on the various aspects of the engineering of collective adaptive systems, including principles, theories, languages, methodologies, tools, and applications. It especially welcomes contributions related adaptive multi-agent systems, coordination of ensembles, collective intelligence and decision-making, cooperative problem-solving. Inter-disciplinary works are also encouraged. In general, we seek contributions with insights as well as practical or theoretical studies supporting the development of collective systems (e.g., crowds of augment people, swarms of robots, or computational ecosystems) across the various (software-)engineering phases (from analysis to deployment).

topics of interest
  • Novel theories relating to operating principles of CAS
  • Novel design principles for building CAS systems
  • Insights into the short and long-term adaptation of CAS systems
  • Insights into emergent properties of CAS
  • Insights into general properties of large scale, distributed CAS
  • Comparing and analyzing approaches to CAS (e.g., distributed and centralized)
  • Decision-making approaches in CAS
  • Methodologies for studying, analyzing, and building CAS
  • Frameworks for analyzing or developing CAS case studies
  • Languages, platforms, APIs and other tools for CAS
  • Scenarios, case studies, and experience reports of CAS in different contexts (e.g., Smart Mobility, Smart Energy/Smart Grid, Smart Buildings, traffic management, emergency response, etc.)
hosting event
world ACSOS2021