5th International Workshop on EXplainable and TRAnsparent AI and Multi-Agent Systems

London, UK, 29/05/2023–02/06/2023

The 5th International Workshop on EXplainable and TRAnsparent AI and Multi-Agent Systems (EXTRAAMAS) runs since 2019, and is a well-established workshop and forum. It aims to discuss and disseminate research on explainable artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on intra/inter-agent explainability and cross-disciplinary perspectives. In its 5th edition, EXTRAAMAS 2023 identifies four particular focus topics with the ultimate goal of strengthening cutting-edge foundational and applied research.

(topics of interest)
  • Track1: XAI in symbolic and subsymbolic AI
    • XAI for Machine learning 
    • Explainable neural networks 
    • Symbolic knowledge injection or extraction 
    • Neuro-symbolic computation 
    • Computational logic for XAI 
    • Multi-agent architectures for XAI 
    • Surrogate models for sub-symbolic predictors 
    • Explainable planning (XAIP) 
    • XAI evaluation 
  • Track3: Explainable Robots and Practical Applications
    • Explainable remote robots 
    • Explainability and embodiment 
    • Practical XAI applications 
    • Emotions in XAI 
    • Perception in XAI 
    • Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) studies 
    • Communication and reception of explanations 
    • Agent simulations and XAI 
  • Track2: XAI in negotiation and conflict resolution
    • Explainable conflict resolution techniques/frameworks 
    • Explainable negotiation protocols and strategies 
    • Explainable recommendation systems 
    • Trustworthy voting mechanisms 
    • Argumentation for explaining the process itself 
    • Argumentation for explaining and supporting the potential outcomes 
    • Explainable user/agent profiling (e.g., learning user's preferences or strategies) 
    • User studies and assessment of the aforementioned approaches 
    • Applications (virtual coaches, robots, IoT) 
  • Track4: (X)AI in Law, and Ethics
    • XAI in AI & Law 
    • Fair AI 
    • XAI & Machine Ethics 
    • Bias reduction 
    • Deception and XAI 
    • Persuasive technologies and XAI 
    • Nudging and XAI 
    • Legal issues of XAI 
    • Liability and XAI 
    • XAI, Transparency, and the Law 
    • Enforceability and XAI 
    • Culture-aware systems and XAI 

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