MoSEBIn 2017

International Workshop on Modeling and Software Engineering in Business and Industry
Zaragoza, Spain, 26/06/2017–27/06/2017

The workshop shall be a forum for those interested in modeling or software engineering, especially of, for and within business and industry environments. Business and industry environments are important and relevant application domains for modeling and software engineering. Both academics and practitioners can contribute and learn from such a meeting. The fundamental interest is to understand modeling within this area and what environments and applications actually demand from modelers and software engineers.
Communication between users and software engineers is based on models, therefore, the transformation from application domain models to computer science is a major task that we want to discuss during the workshop from may perspectives. Furthermore, software engineering for business and industry has to provide solutions that have to fit special needs of the people in these fields. The mutual dependencies, services, requirements, expectations, solutions etc. between software engineers and business people / people from industry shall be discussed during the workshop.
Last but not least in the context of any organisational institution the roles of modeling within software engineering and how to use software engineering for modeling can also be addressed from various perspectives.
One remark with respect to Petri nets: Even though MoSEBIn'17 will take place in the context of Petri net oriented conferences, the focus is not on Petri nets. The idea is to present ideas, concepts, modeling techniques, methods, solutions, tools and realized applications from some related fields. Petri nets can of course be mentioned and can be used in contributions, however, if Petri nets play the major role within an intended contribution, please consider to submit the papers to PNSE'17.

topics of interest

We welcome contributions describing original research in topics related to modeling and software engineering of, for and within the areas of business or industry settings, addressing open problems or presenting new ideas. A special interest is on applications of modeling and software engineering in any kind of organisational, business and industry settings. Furthermore we look for surveys addressing open problems and new applications. 

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