CSCWD 2015

2015 19th IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design
Calabria, Italy, 06/05/2015–08/05/2015

Design of complex artifacts and systems requires the cooperation of multidisciplinary design teams. The 2015 19th IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD 2015) provides a forum for researchers and practitioners involved in different but related domains to confront research results and discuss key problems. The scope of CSCWD 2015 includes the research and development fields of collaboration technologies and their applications to the design of processes, products, systems, and services in industries and societies. Collaboration technologies include theories, methods, mechanisms, protocols, software tools, platforms, and services that support collaboration and coordination among people, software and hardware systems. Related fields of research include collaborative workflows, collaborative virtual environments, collaborative workspaces, collaborative wireless sensor networks, interoperability, ontology and semantics, security and privacy, as well as social aspects and human factors related to collaboration. Application domains include, but are not limited to, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, power and energy, healthcare, infrastructure, administration, social networks, and entertainment. 

topics of interest
  • Collaboration theories and methodologies         
  • Collaboration methods, mechanisms, and protocols      
  • Collaboration platforms, software tools, and services   
  • Collaborative computing (Clouds, Grids, and Web Services)       
  • Collaborative processing of Big Data
  • Collaborative virtual environments        
  • Collaborative wireless sensor networks
  • Collaborative workflows             
  • Collaborative workspaces          
  • Interoperability, ontology and semantics            
  • Security and privacy in collaborative systems    
  • Collaboration technology applications in aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing     
  • Collaboration technology applications in architecture, engineering, and construction     
  • Collaboration technology applications in business and administration    
  • Collaboration technology applications in healthcare and homecare         
  • Collaboration technology applications in infrastructure and facility management              
  • Collaboration technology applications in intelligent buildings and smart homes 
  • Collaboration technology applications in logistics and transportation      
  • Collaboration technology applications in power and energy       
  • Collaboration technology applications in social networks and entertainment      
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