AIxIA 2020 DP

Discussion Papers Workshop
Anywhere, 27/11/2020

The workshop is intended to foster an open discussion within the Artificial Intelligence community about topics that are considered particularly relevant, challenging, controversial, or promising for future developments in the discipline by the authors. We think that the present situation represents an unprecedented occasion to spend some time reflecting about and discussing challenges that are ahead of us, issues of various types that are still unsolved, potential lines of work that are still not pursued, and of course discussing ethical, epistemological, as well as very practical aspects of our discipline. Theoretical and applied Artificial Intelligence topics can be covered, thus addressing novel applications of AI, novel branches and open problems, or positions and plans or research about a certain subject. Such topics may target, for example, the relationship between logic-based or other traditional AI methods vs. deep learning approaches, the role of an AI-based approach in a specific discipline (e.g., in manufacturing), the role of an AI-based approach to solving a specific problem (e.g., COVID outbreak analysis or management). The workshop expects papers that present and discuss work that has not been published in other venues, as well as work that has been published in other international venues, which however the authors want to discuss specifically with the Italian community. In the latter case, the paper is expected to summarize the contributions of the previously published paper and discuss their expected impact on selected topics, problems, or application fields.

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page_white_acrobatNot just for humans: Explanation for agent-to-agent communication (paper in proceedings, 2020) — Andrea Omicini
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page_white_powerpointNot just for humans: Explanation for agent-to-agent communication (AIxIA 2020, 27/11/2020) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini)
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