1st International Workshop on Innovative Internet Information Systems (IIIS-98)
Pisa, Italy, 08/06/1998–09/06/1998

The Internet is quickly moving from a marketing tool in which businesses and organization promote sales and awareness, to a core element of any information system architecture. The advent of the Internet as a fundamental infrastructure for the delivery of advanced business information systems has opened up a wide range of questions for the design and development of such systems. The IIIS workshop series deals with different aspects of how the Internet affects and is affected by organizational information systems.

topics of interest
  • Extending legacy corporate and organizational memories to the Internet 
  • Cross-border and multicultural issues for Internet-based OM/KM systems 
  • Knowledge representation, visualization and brokering 
  • Agents for information management 
  • Integrating OM/KM with CMC/communication processes 
  • Organizational memories for cooperation and learning 
  • Case studies of building internet-based OM in enterprises 
  • User involvement in building internet-based OM/KM repositories 
  • Distributed knowledge management 
hosting event
world CAiSE'98
works as
origin event for publication
page_white_acrobatCo-ordination of Mobile Information Agents in TuCSoN (article in journal, 1998) — Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli
page_white_acrobatTuCSoN: a Coordination model for Mobile Information Agents (paper in proceedings, 1998) — Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli