ICLP 2022

38th International Conference on Logic Programming
Haifa, Israel, 31/07/2022–08/08/2022

Since the first conference held in Marseille in 1982, ICLP has been the premier international conference for presenting research in logic programming.

topics of interest

Contributions are sought in all areas of logic programming, including but not restricted to:

  • Foundations
    • Semantics, Formalisms, Nonmonotonic reasoning, Knowledge representation.
  • Languages issues
    • Concurrency, Objects, Coordination, Mobility, Higher order, Types, Modes, Assertions, Modules, Meta-programming, Logic-based domain-specific languages, Programming techniques.
  • Programming support
    • Program analysis, Transformation, Validation, Verification, Debugging, Profiling, Testing, Execution visualization.
  • Implementation
    • Compilation, Virtual machines, Memory management, Parallel/distributed execution, Constraint handling rules, Tabling, Foreign interfaces, User interfaces.
  • Language Issues
    • Concurrency, Objects, Coordination, Mobility, Higher Order, Types, Modes, Assertions, Programming Techniques.
    • Related Paradigms and Synergies
    • Inductive and coinductive logic programming, Constraint logic programming, Answer set programming, Interaction with SAT, SMT and CSP solvers, Theorem proving, Argumentation, Probabilistic programming, Machine learning.
  • Applications
    • Databases, Big data, Data integration and federation, Software engineering, Natural language processing, Web and semantic web, Agents, Artificial intelligence, Computational life sciences, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Education.
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