WOA 2016

XVII Workshop “From Objects to Agents”
Catania, Italy, 29/07/2016–30/07/2016

The topic for WOA 2016 is "Internet of Mobile Things".

The paradigm of Internet of Mobile Things (IoMT) embraces a wide number of real-life scenarios in which smart things can move autonomously, although they remain accessible and controllable remotely.

Mobile Smart Objects are equipped with sensors and actuators, and can be terrestrial and aerial drones. They are, in principle, accessible and controllable for the entire mission. Furthermore, thanks to their autonomy, they will send messages with their peers in order to start collaborative tasks, they can change their behavior based on the data coming from sensors and its peers.

Mobile Things are employed for a number of critical mission as human rescue, monitoring of high risks areas, and for a various of tasks for which involving humans may pose a risks or may be almost impossible.

As a consequence, in designing software control systems for smart mobile objects, basic principles of robustness and efficiency must be taken into account first. These aspects will have great impact on the design of algorithms and heuristics which represent the behavioral part of the devices.

Authors are invited to submit research papers with regards to the following areas:

  • Identifying the challenging problems that still need to be solved in this particular scenarios.
  • Proposing new framework to design robust architecture for smart object control systems.
  • Middlewares aimed at designing new communication protocols for smart objects
  • Solutions for data storage and sensing for IoMT
  • Multiagent systems for mobile smart objects
  • Issues related to the communication of the most time-sensitive data produced by the smart objects at the network edge (Fog Computing) for quick analysis and feedback
  • Flocks control for aerial devices
  • Coordination of hybrid devices
topics of interest
  • Adaptive, animated and personality driven agents
  • Agents and objects
  • Agents and supporting technologies to cooperation
  • Agents integrated with the Web
  • Mobile agents
  • Agents for e-commerce
  • Agents and Sensor networks
  • Learning, planning and reasoning
  • Applications Agents 
  • Coordination, cooperation and communication
  • Hardware and software infrastructures
  • Theoretical, conceptual and ontological basis
  • Agent based software engineering
  • Agent based languages and platforms
  • Agent-oriented methods and development tools
  • Relations between agents and different development technologies
  • Security, trust and responsibility
  • Standard and interoperability
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