KR 2023 Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium of the 20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Aims and Scope

The Doctoral Consortium (DC) is a student mentoring program bringing together PhD students and senior researchers from the area of KR. The aims of the consortium are:

●      to provide a forum for students to present their current research, and receive feedback from other students and senior researchers;

●      to promote contacts among PhD students working in similar areas;

●      to support students with information and advice on academic, research, and industrial careers.

The DC is intended for PhD students who have a specific research proposal and some preliminary results, but who have sufficient time prior to completing their dissertation to benefit from the consortium experience. Preference will be given to students satisfying these criteria, but we also encourage students to apply who are at an earlier or more advanced stage of the completion of their thesis. Accepted students will participate in several dedicated DC events, which will likely consist of a lightning talk session and a poster and mentoring session (the precise format of the DC will be finalized closer to the conference). Each student will be given ample time to present their work and therefore be able to fully benefit from direct feedback from the assigned senior researcher mentor and the wider KR conference audience.

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page_white_powerpointSymbolic Transfer Learning through Knowledge Manipulation Methods (KR 2023 Doctoral Consortium@KR 2023, 05/09/2023) — Matteo Magnini (Matteo Magnini)