Complex Systems. Symposium of the 1st BRICS Countries & 11th Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence
Recife, Brazil, 08/09/2013–11/09/2013

The Brazilian Society of Computational Intelligence (i.e. Sociedade Brasileira de Inteligência Computacional) is proud, in conjunction with several other scientific societies, to realize the 11th Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence (CBIC’2013, including the 12th Brazilian School of Computational Intelligence – EBIC).

BRICS is a political grouping of developing countries that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. In recent years this economic block is growing strong by the day, but never before BRICS Countries teamed to organize a global scientific congress. To cover this base, Computational Intelligence researchers from these Countries are organizing the first BRICS conference on Computational Intelligence to take place alongside CBIC. And to make pair with EBIC, there will be also the 1st. BRICS School on Computational Intelligence – BRICS-SCI.

For the venue we selected a sea-side resort in the stunning Beach of ‘Porto de Galinhas’ (ten years in a row elected best beach of Brazil). ‘Porto de Galinhas’ is nearby Recife, the capital city of the Brazilian State of Pernambuco. Not by coincidence, the range of dates of the congress (8th-11th, September of 2013) coincides with the start of the Brazilian Summer. And the task of local organization of the event was entrusted to me Prof. Fernando Buarque and a dear colleague, Prof. Carmelo Bastos-Filho, both from the (State) University of Pernambuco.

The master plan to organize the above mentioned congresses quickly materialized and is now backed by well recognized scholars from all five BRICS Countries (Prof. Batyrshin-RUSSIA, Prof. Pal-INDIA, Prof. Tan-CHINA and Prof. Marwala-SOUTH AFRICA). It is obvious that such a big challenge requires a sizable and capable executive team. That is precisely why Prof. Carmelo Bastos-Filho was invited for the position of General Program Chair and Prof. Guilherme (Will) Barreto was invited for the position of General Publication Chair; consequently, all input and output of the congress would be in very responsible hands. Very fortunately as well, Prof. Andries Engelbrecht and Prof. Antônio Braga have accepted the important positions of Program Chairs of BRICS-CCI and CBIC, respectively. With that all technical decisions would be on very credible and experienced hands. Both formed their teams of top-of-the-crop scientists. Orthogonal to that a dozen of specialists put together a series of symposia that will make the program much richer and exciting. Noteworthy is the list of publicity chairs and colleagues that offered to help, especially in the local organization of the event; quite moving.

The list of contributors is not small at all; in the last count the organization listed over 40 universities and 80 people – which is quite encouraging and reassuring. The stature of invited speakers already confirmed, the impressive list of honorary chair who trusted on us, Prof. Adeli, Prof. Aleksander, Prof. Dorigo, Prof. Eberhart and Prof. Principe – all that put together one year in advance, and the willingness of participants to come over from all corners of the planet makes us (the organizers) very confident about the likely technically rich and socially welcoming environment to receive scientists as well as students who are eager to push forward the boundaries of computational intelligence. -Please come and enjoy! We will be in Porto de Galinhas next September waiting for receiving you with Brazilian best hospitality.