4PAD 2014

1st Special Session on Formal Approaches to Parallel and Distributed Systems
Torino, Italy, 12/02/2014–14/02/2014

The aim of this special session is to foster the recent convergence on research interests from several communities investigating modern parallel, distributed, and network-based processing systems such as autonomic computing systems, cloud computing systems, service-oriented systems and parallel computing architectures.

topics of interest
  • Rigorous software engineering approaches and their tool support;
  • Model-based approaches, including model-driven development;
  • Service- and component-based approaches;
  • Semantics, types and logics;
  • Formal specification and verification;
  • Performance analysis based on formal approaches;
  • Formal aspects of programming paradigms and languages;
  • Formal approaches to parallel architectures and weak memory models;
  • Formal approaches to deployment, run-time analysis, reconfiguration, and monitoring;
  • Parallel and distributed verification;
  • Case studies developed/analyzed with formal approaches;
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