ALAW 2016

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1st International Meeting on Agents Living in Augmented Worlds
The Hague, Netherlands, 29/08/2016

The scale of future augmented worlds can range from small environments and individual augmented artifacts, up to large augmented realities and aggregates, including buildings, cities. Intelligent agents and related technologies represent a natural way to model the citizens living on the digital side of these augmented worlds, being them e.g. either the soul of smart/augmented objects, or the smart assistants of human users inhabiting these worlds, or rather distributed and situated teams helping human coordination and cooperation.  Augmented/mixed reality frameworks as well as pervasive computing/IoT  represent the  enabling technologies on top of which the agent-oriented layers are based. The objective of the meeting is to be an inter-disciplinary forum where to discuss any aspect that concerns agent-based augmented worlds, from their conceptual and theoretical foundations, to their design and engineering, as well as their applications to specific domains.   

The workshop aims at exploring the impact that these augmented worlds can have on making individual and collective human/agent actions more effective, on enhancing human/agent reasoning capability, imagination, learning, sociality, and so on. On how activities and processes can be (re-)shaped. On how the physical environment where these augmented worlds are instantiated can be (re-)shaped, accordingly. How to make richer and proactive the affordance of objects and their cognitive ergonomics. Agent-based augment worlds can be a lab where to explore novel forms of human augmentation - besides reality augmentation - along different dimensions, such as cognition and sociality.  Novel forms of interactions can be studied inside them, enabling humans communicating/cooperating - either explicitly or implicitly - with other humans and with the intelligent agents populating and shaping such augmented worlds.

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