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6th International Congress on Blockchain and Applications
Salamanca, Spain, 26/06/2024–28/06/2024

The International Congress on Blockchain and Applications (BLOCKCHAIN'24) will be held in University of Salamanca (Spain) from 26th-28th June, 2024. This annual congress will bring together researchers and practitioners of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT), who will share ideas, projects, lectures, and advances associated with those technologies and their application domains. This meeting will be co-located with the PAAMS'24 conference.

Among the scientific community, the advance in next-generation blockchain and distributed ledger technologies is seen as a promising combination that will transform the production and manufacturing industry, media, finance, insurance, e-government, agriculture, energy, or even medicine. Besides, the combination of DLT with other cutting-edge disruptive technologies (AI, metaverse, quantum computing...) will will open up a multitude of amazing opportunities that entail an interesting challenge of research at the same time.

The BLOCKCHAIN'24 congress is devoted to: promoting the investigation of next-generation blockchain and DLT technologies; exploring the latest ideas, innovations, guidelines, theories, models, technologies, applications and tools of blockchain/DLT combined with other cutting-edge technologies; and identifying critical issues and challenges that researchers and practitioners must deal with in future research. We want to offer researchers and practitioners the opportunity to work on promising lines of research and to publish their developments in this area.

topics of interest
  • Technologies and techniques
    Key and innovative theories, methodologies, schemes and technologies of blockchain and AI  •  Architectures and platforms for blockchain and AI  •  Blockchain and AI for Big Data  •  Blockchain and AI for Multi-Agent systems  •  Blockchain and AI for the Internet of Things  •  Blockchain and AI in 5G  •  Sensors and devices for blockchain  •  Distributed consensus mechanisms (PoW, PoS, PoE…)  •  Encryption algorithms  •  Fault tolerance mechanisms  •  Other distributed ledger technologies  •  Cloud, fog, and edge computing approaches for blockchain  •  Blockchain standardization issues  •  Platforms for smart contracts  •  Side-chain and cross-chain systems  •  Anonymity and privacy in blockchain  •  Malicious transactions detection  •  4th and 5th generation blockchain
  • Applications
    Blockchain and AI enabled new business models and applications  •  Blockchain and AI for e-commerce  •  Blockchain and AI for logistics and transportation  •  Blockchain and AI for supply chain management  •  Blockchain and AI for product life cycle  •  Blockchain and AI for knowledge and innovation management  •  Blockchain and AI for agriculture  •  Blockchain and AI in eHealth  •  Applications of cryptocurrencies  •  Blockchain as a Tamper-Proof Technology  •  Application of smart contracts  •  Blockchain Governance and Human Rights  •  Applications of blockchain and AI in other domains.  •  Use-cases of blockchain and AI in Industry 4.0, banking, etc.  •  Blockchain and AI for fintech  •  Blockchain and AI for insurtech
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