CompleNet 2016

7th Workshop on Complex Networks
Dijon, France, 23/03/2016–25/03/2016

The 7th international workshop on complex networks (CompleNet 2016) aims at bringing together researchers working on areas related to complex networks. In the past two decades scientific research has witnessed a remarkable increase on studies in this field. Applied to problems that span from biology to computer sciences, from economics to social sciences, complex networks are becoming increasingly pervasive in many fields of science. It is this interdisciplinary nature of the complex networks approach that the workshop is addressing.

Workshops are scheduled around the world on an yearly basis. The first edition of the workshop took place in May 2009 in Catania, Italy; the 2nd took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the 3rd in Melbourne, Florida, USA; 4th in Berlin, Germany; the 5th in Bologna, Italy; the 6th in New York City, USA. This year the conference will take place in Dijon, France.

topics of interest
  • Applications of Network Science
  • Behavioral & Social Influence
  • Community Structure in Networks
  • Complex Networks and Epidemics
  • Complex Networks and Mobility
  • Complex Networks in Biological Systems
  • Complex Networks in Technology
  • Complex networks in Statistical Mechanics
  • Dynamics on Networks
  • Ecological Networks and Food Webs
  • Emergence in Complex Networks
  • Geometry in Complex Networks
  • Impact and Success Prediction
  • Information Spreading in Social Media
  • Interacting Social Networks
  • Link Analysis and Ranking
  • Modeling Human Behavior in Complex Networks
  • Models of Complex Networks
  • Network Controllability and Observability
  • Network Evolution
  • Networks as Frameworks
  • Rumor Spreading
  • Science of science
  • Search in Complex Networks
  • Shocks and Bursts
  • Social Networks
  • Structural Network Properties and Analysis
  • Synchronization in Networks