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1st AgentLink III Technical Forum
Rome, Italy, 30/06/2004–15/07/2004

In order to support co-ordination and collaboration of European research efforts, AgentLink III established a series of research meetings, called the AgentLink III Technical Forums (TFs). Each of these meetings comprise a number of parallel workshops, called Technical Forum Groups (TFGs), on topics suggested in response to a call for proposals issued before each Technical Forum meeting. Soliciting topics for TFGs in this way ensures that the meetings retain flexibility, and can reflect whatever is the current focus of research attention in the agents community. This feature has also meant that the standard for acceptance can be quite high, with proposers needing to show evidence of research co-ordination activities before, during and after each TF. Examples of such activities include the establishment of Web sites and discussion forums, the production of short and long reports of the activities of the event, surveys of activities, and development of collective survey papers of the fields covered by the groups.
Three TF events have been held under AgentLink III:

  • TF1: Rome, Italy, 30 June–2 July 2004;
  • TF2: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 28 February–2 March 2005;
  • TF3: Budapest, Hungary, 15–17 September 2005.
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wrenchAgentLink III — A Coordination Network for Agent-based Computing (01/01/2004–31/01/2006)
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