The 13th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing
Vietri sul Mare, SA, Italy, 18/12/2013–20/12/2013

ICA3PP 2013 is the 13th in this series of conferences started in 1995 that are devoted to algorithms and architectures for parallel processing. ICA3PP is now recognized as the main regular event of the world that is covering the many dimensions of parallel algorithms and architectures, encompassing fundamental theoretical approaches, practical experimental projects, and commercial components and systems. As applications of computing systems have permeated in every aspects of daily life, the power of computing system has become increasingly critical. This conference provides a forum for academics and practitioners from countries around the world to exchange ideas for improving the efficiency, performance, reliability, security and interoperability of computing systems and applications.

Following the traditions of the previous successful ICA3PP conferences held in Hangzhou, Brisbane, Singapore, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Beijing, Cyprus, Taipei, Busan, Melbourne, and Japan, ICA3PP 2013 will be held in Vietri sul Mare, Italy. The objective of ICA3PP 2013 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry and governments to advance the theories and technologies in parallel and distributed computing. ICA3PP 2013 will focus on two broad areas of parallel and distributed computing, i.e. architectures, algorithms and networks, and systems and applications. The conference of ICA3PP 2013 will be organized by Second University of Naples, Italy - Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and St. Francis Xavier University, Canada - Department of Computer Science.

topics of interest
  • Big Data and Its Applications
  • Cluster, Distributed & Parallel Operating Systems and Middleware
  • Cloud, Grid, and Services Computing
  • Reliability and Fault-tolerant Computing
  • Multi-core Programming and Software Tools
  • Distributed Scheduling and Load Balancing
  • High-performance Scientific Computing
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Parallel Architectures
  • Parallel and Distributed Databases
  • Parallel I/O Systems and Storage Systems
  • Parallel Programming Paradigms
  • Performance of Parallel & Distributed Computing Systems
  • Wireless and Mobile Computing
  • Resource Management and Scheduling
  • Tools and Environments for Parallel & Distributed Software Development
  • Software and Hardware Reliability, Testing, Verification and Validation
  • Security, Privacy, and Trusted Computing
  • Self-healing, Self-protecting and Fault-tolerant Systems
  • Information Security In Internet
  • Multimedia in Parallel Computing
  • Parallel Computing in Bioinformatics
  • Dependability Issues in Computer Networks and Communications
  • Dependability Issues in Distributed and Parallel Systems
  • Dependability Issues in Embedded Parallel Systems
  • Industrial Applications
  • Scientific Applications
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