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Special Issue of the “Artificial Intelligence and Law” Journal on Computational Institutions
Artificial Intelligence and Law, 25/03/2005–10/09/2005

Recently, the increasing growth and complexity of applications and systems based on software agents has led to the emergence of virtual societies, where heterogeneous (human or artificial) agents interact in the autonomous pursuit of their different goals. So, as in real life, in order to govern the unpredictable behavior of the member of virtual societies, some institutional settings are required also on the computational side. The aim of this special issue is to summarize the current state of the art, to foster the most recent and relevant results, and to promote the discussion about the general topic of Computational Institutions.

This call for contributions addresses all researchers in the field of legal informatics, computer science and law. Both theoretical and applied research, as well as comparative studies and case study reports are welcome.

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