Blue Sky 2021

AAMAS 2021 Blue Sky Track
London, UK, 03/05/2021–07/05/2021

The emphasis of this special track is on visionary ideas, long-term challenges, new research opportunities, and controversial debate. It serves as an incubator for innovative, risky, and provocative ideas, and aims to provide a forum for publishing and presenting these without being constrained by the result-oriented standards followed in the review process of the main track of the conference. Research visions and ideas could cross disciplines, envisioning new ideas and directions relevant for Agents and Multi-Agent Systems research community fostered by inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary viewpoints.

We encourage papers to reflect on the future of the research area and its community within the broader AI and computing landscape. Therefore, we invite submissions to focus on: novel, overlooked, or under-represented application areas to which agent research may contribute; potential paths for agent research to contribute to the state of the art in other AI and computing areas and the other way around; unexplored theoretical grounds for agent research. Overall, we aim at papers that help guide the agent community to achieve in the coming years a leading position within AI and computing research.

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