1st Smart Environments and Information Systems Invited Session @ 9th International KES Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia: Systems and Services
Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, 15/06/2016–17/06/2016

Smart environments compile a huge number of data, which have to be processed to provide responses in real time. This requires new ways to consider the information system platforms supporting them.
As a matter of fact, by sensing our surrounding environment and/or adding effectors of many sorts we are currently building a new generation of information systems able to improve our everyday life. The applications covered by this kind of systems range from health and safety to power efficiency and comfort.
This special session has the purpose of discussing the requirements of the information systems supporting smart environments, as well as the methods and techniques that are currently being explored in this area.

topics of interest
  • Theories, techniques and technologies for ubiquitous systems, smart environments, smart spaces, smart cities/buildings/grids/...
  • Dynamic/adaptive/runtime service coordination/orchestration techniques
  • Self-adaptative systems
  • Self-organizing systems
  • Intelligent and multi-agent systems
  • Modelling/programming languages, design methodologies for intelligent and multi-agent systems
  • Tools to support the development of information and control systems for smart environments