BCCA 2022

The Fourth IEEE International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications
San Antonio, TX, USA, 05/09/2022–07/09/2022

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in decentralized systems that enables secure decentralized transaction processing while ensuring data privacy and authenticity. It is now playing a significant role in several areas such the Internet of Things, supply-chain management, manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, healthcare systems, and much more. Unlike centralized transaction processing solutions, blockchain uses a distributed ledger mechanism to record data transactions on multiple devices, this will prevent data breach, identity theft, and a plethora of cyber-related attacks, in essence, leading to a sustainability in data privacy and security. This conference aims at to attract work of both researchers and practitioners in the area of cyber-security to share and exchange their experiences and research studies in both academia and industry in the field of blockchain.

topics of interest
  • Track 01: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Blockchain based artificial Intelligent Systems applications in Computers and Communications • Blockchain based AI and Robotics Technologies • Blockchain based AI and cloud computing • Blockchain based Economic paradigms and game theory • Blockchain based Machine and Deep Learning of Knowledge • Blockchain based Distributed Knowledge and Processing • Blockchain based Humans-Agents Interactions / Human-Robot Interactions

  • Track 02: IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems

Blockchain-based IoT Applications and Services • Blockchain-based security for the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems • Blockchain-based Internet of Things architectures and protocols • Blockchain in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) • Blockchain-based application in Intelligent Manufacturing: Industrial Internet of Things, • Blockchain and Secure Critical Infrastructure with Industry 4.0 • Intelligent manufacture and management • Consensus and mining algorithms suited for resource-limited IoTs • Blockchain-based Controlled mobility and QoS • Blockchain-based energy optimization techniques in WSN • Blockchain-based Software defined networks

  • Track 03: Big Data

Blockchain in Data Fusion • Blockchain Analytics and Data mining • Distributed data store for blockchain • Distributed transaction for blockchain • Blockchain based Data Science and Data Engineering • Protocols for management and access using blockchains • Blockchain architectures tailored for domain-specific applications

  • Track 04: Security and Privacy on the Blockchain

Authentication and authorization in Blockchain • Applications of blockchain technologies in digital forensic • Privacy aspects of blockchain technologies • Blockchain-based threat intelligence and threat analytics techniques • Blockchain-based open-source tools • Forensics readiness of blockchain technologies • Blockchain Attacks on Existing Systems • Blockchain Consensus Algorithms • Blockchain-based Intrusion Detection/Prevention • Security and Privacy in Blockchain and Critical Infrastructure • Attacks on Blockchain and Critical Infrastructure • Blockchain and Secure Critical Infrastructure with Smart Grid

  • Track 05: Blockchain Research & Applications for Innovative Networks and Services

State-of-the-art of the Blockchain technology and cybersecurity • Blockchain-based security solutions of smart cities infrastructures • Blockchain in connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) and ITS) • Blockchain Technologies and Methodologies • Recent development and emerging trends Blockchain • New models, practical solutions and technological advances related to Blockchain • Theory of Blockchain in Cybersecurity • Applications of blockchain technologies in computer & hardware security • Implementation challenges facing blockchain technologies • Blockchain in social networking • Performance metric design, modeling and evaluation of blockchain systems • Network and computing optimization in blockchains • Experimental prototyping and testbeds for blockchains