5th International Symposium on Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming
Tallinn, Estonia, 25/08/1993–27/08/1993

The International Symposium on Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming is held every year. The aim of PLILP'93 is to explore new declarative concepts, methods and techniques relevant for implementation of all kinds of programming languages, whether algorithmic or declarative ones. The intension is to gather researchers from the fields of algorithmic programming languages as well as logic, functional and object-oriented programming. PLILP'93 will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, from August 25 - 27.
Estonia is a corner of the earth on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea: a little over 45.000 square kilometers in size, 350 kilometers from west to east and 240 from north to south, inhabited by 1,5 million people. Men settled in these areas ten thousand years ago.
Tallinn, the capital of the Estonia, is situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland and is one of the oldest cities in Europe, to be found already on the world map compiled in 1154. Resisting the onslaught of time, the old citadel with the fortress on Toompea, the town hall, the circular walls studded with defence towers have made Tallinn a museum city. Parks, gardens and its green belt cover 30% of its territory. Tallinn has an active academic life: there are 8 higher educational establishments and 12 institutes of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.
PLILP'93's predecessors have been held in Orleans 1988, Linkoping 1990, Passau 1991, Leuven 1992. 

topics of interest
  • Declarative implementation techniques 
  • Implementation of declarative concepts and modules 
  • Executable specifications 
  • Compiler specification and construction 
  • Program transformation 
  • Programming environments for declarative languages 
  • Constraint programming 
  • Amalgamation of logic programming with algorithmic, functional or object-oriented techniques 
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page_white_acrobatObjects with State in Contextual Logic Programming (paper in proceedings, 1993) — Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini