2APL1  2p-Kt1  2PTags1  A&A19  A&A ReSpecT2  abductive reasoning1  ABS1  access control2  ACLT3  ACME1  activity theory1  actors1  adaptive governance1  adaptive systems2  adaptive tuple clustering1  ADL1  ADR1  AEQUITAS1  Agens faber1  agent cognition1  agent control loop1  agent coordination contexts4  agent middleware2  agent programming2  agent societies1  agent workspaces1  agent-based modelling1  agent-based modelling and simulation2  agent-based technologies1  agent-based XAI2  agent-oriented computing4  agent-oriented programming15  agent-oriented software engineering23  agents4  AgentSpeak1  AGERE1  aggregate computing2  Aglets5  agreement technologies1  AI4EU5  AIBA1  Alchemist9  ambient intelligence1  Android2  AOSD1  AOSE methodologies3  Ara5  architectural styles4  Arg2P6  argumentation10  artefacts10  artificial intelligence1  aspects2  automatic service composition1  autonomy3  AWARENESS3  BDI3  behaviour analysis1  behaviour prediction1  behavioural implicit communication3  biochemical coordination3  biochemical tuple spaces3  Bioinformatics1  BISON11  Bitcoin1  black-box regressors3  blockchain10  burden of persuasion1  burden of proof2  Butlers1  byzantine behaviour1  CAA1  CArtAgO14  CArtAgO-WS1  chemical coordination6  chemical models1  chemical tuple spaces1  CINA4  CMS3  cognitive agents1  cognitive artefacts1  collaboration1  collaborative learning4  collective sorting8  complex systems4  CompuLaw14  computational biology2  computational ecosystems1  computational fields4  contact centres1  contextual logic programming1  cooperative argumentation1  cooperative information retrieval1  coordination36  coordination models5  Corda1  core calculus1  core languages1  crosscutting concerns2  CSCW1  data mining1  data streams1  declarative technologies1  defeasible preference1  defeasible reasoning2  description logics4  design process documentation and fragmentation1  developmental biology1  dialogue1  Dialogue artifact1  distributed argumentation1  distributed information retrieval3  distributed MAS1  distributed programming1  distributed systems2  domain specific languages1  Drosophila Melanogaster3  DSAW1  e-Learning1  E-learning platforms1  E-learning tools1  Eclipse1  Eclipse-IT1  eco-laws7  Ecosystem1  edge computing1  embedded environments1  embedding1  emergent behaviours1  empirical model learning1  environment-oriented programming1  Error handling2  Ethereum2  event loop1  event-based systems1  event-driven programming1  Evolution1  EXPECTATION14  explainability5  eXplainable AI9  explanation as communication1  explanation-ready agents1  field calculus1  FIPA2  FIPA DPDF1  FIPA ACL1  formal models4  formal tools for software engineering1  fragmentation1  functional programming1  FuturICT1  fuzzy coordination1  Gaia1  GALILEO1  game engines1  Gamma1  generics1  Gillespie2  goal-oriented systems1  GridEx3  Home Manager3  hypercube-based methods1  HyperLedger Fabric1  IDE1  Information retrieval1  intelligent agents1  intelligent systems5  interaction1  Internet agents4  Internet of Things1  interpretability2  interpretable prediction1  iOS1  ITER1  JaCa7  JaCa-Android3  JaCa-Web2  JaCa-WS1  JaCaMo4  JADE2  Jadex4  Jason13  Java2  JavaSpaces5  Join point2  KILL2  KINS1  KIS1  knowledge extraction3  knowledge management2  knowledge-intensive environment6  Knowledge diffusion1  Kotlin1  labelled tuProlog1  labelled variables in logic programming2  layering4  legal reasoning2  Lime5  Linda6  live semantic annotations1  logic constraints1  logic induction1  logic programming6  logic-based argumentation1  logic-based technologies1  LogOp1  LPaaS3  LSA2  machine learning2  MARS5  MAS engineering2  MAS environment6  MAS middleware7  MAS organisation2  MAS security4  Maude3  MDSD2  medieval battles1  MEnSA10  meta-model6  MetaMeth1  methodologies1  methodology4  middleware1  mobile applications1  mobile devices1  model checking1  modular embedding1  Moise3  MoK12  Mok-News1  Mole5  morphogenesis2  multi-agent based simulation3  multi-agent systems43  multi-level models1  multi-paradigm languages1  multi-paradigm programming1  nature-inspired computing1  nature-inspired coordination2  nature-inspired models3  negotiation1  Network topology1  neural architecture search1  neural network complexity1  neural network opacity1  neural networks6  neuro-symbolic reasoning3  news management systems2  NIC1  norms1  object-oriented programming2  objective vs. subjective coordination2  OPM2  optimisation1  Orchestration1  organisation-oriented programming2  OWAMAH1  OWL-S1  P@J1  PageSpace5  PASSI1  pervasive computing11  pervasive ecosystems1  pervasive systems7  pLinda1  Pointcut1  principle1  PRISM1  privacy1  private international law1  proactivity2  probabilistic model checking1  probabilistic modular embedding1  Process3  PRODE1  programming languages1  project dissemination2  Prolog4  Protelis1  PSyKE4  PSyKI5  quality of service1  RBAC1  RBAC-MAS2  re-organisation1  real time1  reorganization1  RESET5  resource-constrained devices1  resource-oriented architecture1  ReSpecT11  ReSpecTX1  REST1  RETSINA1  risk analysis1  robustness1  SAPERE9  SAPERE-in7  SAPERE-WP119  SAPERE-WP21  SAPERE-WP67  self-organisation1  self-organising coordination3  self-organising knowledge2  self-organising semantic coordination2  self-organising systems19  self-stabilisation1  semantic coordination4  semantic segmentation1  Semantic TuCSoN1  semantic tuple centres4  semantic web4  Semantics2  service-oriented architecture4  Sevices1  Shallow2Deep1  simpA2  simpAL7  simulation5  simulation in software engineering1  simulation on software engineering1  situated intelligence1  situatedness2  situational method engineering3  Situational Method Engineering 1  smart co-working1  smart contracts5  smart environments1  smart home2  Social networks1  socio-technical systems2  SODA20  software architecture2  software development process1  software engineering4  software engineering process2  Software process1  space awareness1  Space-based coordination2  spatial computing2  SPEM8  StairwAI9  stochastic simulation5  stochastic simulation algorithm1  stream processing1  SwarmLinda4  symbolic knowledge extraction4  symbolic knowledge injection8  symbolic vs. subsymbolic11  systematic literature review1  systems biology1  Tailor2  technology1  Telescript5  Tenderfone1  TheOne2  THOMAS1  time awareness1  time-awareness1  Tropos1  trust1  TuCSoN26  tuple centres1  tuple-based coordination8  tuProlog5  TuSoW1  typing1  T Spaces5  uLinda1  UML1  understandability1  UniBo1  uniform primitives1  Unity3D1  Unreal Engine1  verification1  Web1  Web 2.01  web services2  WebLP1  Web 2.01  workflow management systems5  WP61  WSCDL1  xADL1  XPath1  zooming4 

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