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page_white_powerpoint Framing Coordination: Early Notes (AgentLink II Meeting, Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain, 03/02/2003) — Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Omicini (Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Omicini)
page_white_powerpoint Context and C3 (Communication, Coordination and Cooperation) (AgentLink II Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 05/12/2001) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini)
page_white_powerpoint Objective versus Subjective Coordination in the Engineering of Agent Systems (AgentLink II Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic, 09/07/2001) — Andrea Omicini, Sascha Ossowski (Andrea Omicini, Sascha Ossowski)
page_white_powerpoint Coordination Services for Agent Infrastructures (AgentLink II Meeting, Amsterdam, The Nederland, 22/02/2001) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini)