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page_white_powerpoint Programming BDI agents in Jadex (Multi-Agent Systems (principles and applications) in Master Web Intelligence (Université Jean Monnet and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines St-Etienne) , 25/11/2008) — Michele Piunti (Michele Piunti)
page_white_powerpoint Agents & Artifacts: The A&A Meta-model for MAS Modelling & Engineering. Ideas & Examples (DistriNet (Distributed Systems and Computer Networks) Workshop at the Department of Computer Science, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, 17/11/2006) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini)
page_white_powerpoint Agents and Automatic Web Services (AICA 2002, 26/09/2002) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini)
page_white_powerpoint Engineering Internet Agents Applications via Coordination (Agents 2001, Montreal, Canada, 28/05/2001) — Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli (Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli)
page_white_powerpoint Tuple Centres for the Coordination of Internet Agents (CM @ SAC 1999@SAC 1999, 02/03/1999) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli)