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page_white_powerpoint Engineering Self-organising Coordination: A Computational Field Approach (COORDINATION 2013, 03/06/2013) — Mirko Viroli (Mirko Viroli)
page_white_powerpoint Formal ReSpecT in the A&A Perspective (5th International Workshop on Foundations of Coordination Languages and Software Architectures (FOCLASA 2006), 31/08/2006) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini)
page_white_powerpoint Formal Specification and Enactment of Security Policies through Agent Coordination Contexts (EUMAS 2003, 19/12/2003) — Andrea Omicini (Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Omicini, Mirko Viroli)
page_white_powerpoint Rethinking MAS Infrastructure based on Activity Theory (EUMAS 2003, 18/12/2003) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Sascha Ossowski)
page_white_powerpoint On Observation as a Coordination Pattern: An Ontology and a Formal Framework (CM 2001@SAC 2001, 14/03/2001) — Mirko Viroli (Mirko Viroli, Gianluca Moro, Andrea Omicini)
page_white_powerpoint On the Semantics of Tuple-based Coordination Models (CM @ SAC 1999@SAC 1999, 02/03/1999) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini)