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page_white_powerpoint Multi-Agent Oriented Reorganisation within the JaCaMo infrastructure (ITMAS 2012, 05/06/2012) — Olivier Boissier (Alexandru Sorici, Gauthier Picard, Olivier Boissier, Andrea Santi, Jomi F. Hübner)
page_white_powerpoint Exploiting the JaCaMo framework for realising an adaptive room governance application (24/10/2011) — Andrea Santi (Alexandru Sorici, Olivier Boissier, Gauthier Picard, Andrea Santi)
page_white_powerpoint Agent-Oriented Programming for Developing Modern Software Systems (21/10/2011) — Andrea Santi (Andrea Santi)
page_white_powerpoint JaCa-Android: An Agent-based Platform for Building Smart Mobile Applications (01/09/2010) — Andrea Santi (Andrea Santi, Marco Guidi, Alessandro Ricci)

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