Molecules of Knowledge (MoK)

Molecules of Knowledge (MoK)

Molecules of Knowledge (MoK for short) is a model for knowledge self-organisation, exploiting the biochemical metaphor for its basic abstractions, and biochemical coordination as its coordination model.
  • as far as the basic MoK abstractions are concerned, in MoK knowledge atoms are generated by knowledge sources in shared spaces – compartments –, self-aggregate to shape knowledge molecules, and autonomously move toward knowledge consumers, whose actions (either epistemic or not) are represented as enzymes.
  • as far as the MoK computational model is concerned, MoK features biochemical tuple spaces for the creation, aggregation, diffusion and consumption of knowledge atoms and molecules.

About MoK


Current MoK implementations are based on the TuCSoN coordination technology. Since they are used for tests and experiments, they are not publicly available, yet.


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