Molecules of Knowledge: A Novel Perspective over Knowledge Management

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Paolo Liberatore, Michele Lombardi, Floriano Scioscia (eds.)
Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium of the 12th Symposium of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, pages 23-27
CEUR Workshop Proceedings 926
Sun SITE Central Europe, RWTH Aachen University, Rome, Italy
15 June 2012

To face the challenges of knowledge-intensive environments, we investigate a novel self-organising knowledge-oriented (SOKO) model, called Molecules of Knowledge (MoK for short). In MoK, knowledge atoms are generated by knowledge sources in shared spaces — compartments —, self-aggregate to shape knowledge molecules, and autonomously move toward knowledge consumers.

keywordsSelf-organising coordination, Knowledge management, Biochemical tuple spaces, News management systems
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