TuCSoN (Tuple Centres Spread over the Network) is a Java library providing coordination as a service to Java and tuProlog agents. TuCSoN is a model for the coordination of distributed processes, as well as autonomous, intelligent & mobile agents. TuCSoN exploits tuple centres as its coordination media, which are tuple spaces enhanced with the notion of behaviour specification, thanks to the ReSpecT language.

The TuCSoN coordination technology implements the TuCSoN model as a Java-based distributed middleware, available under GNU LGPL license via GitHub as a Git repository.

Getting Started

  • Download tucson.jar archive from the Reseases page on its GitHub repository
  • Download the libraries it depends on:
    • tuProlog — from its Download section (2p.jar)
  • Open a command prompt in the folder where you put the two jars above, then type
    • on Linux & Mac OS
      java -cp tucson.jar:2p.jar alice.tucson.service.TucsonNodeService
    • on Windows
      java -cp tucson.jar;2p.jar alice.tucson.service.TucsonNodeService
  • The TuCSoN ASCII logo should appear on the command prompt, as depicted below
    • TuCSoN-boot.jpeg

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