Self-Organising News Management: The Molecules of Knowledge Approach

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Jeremy Pitt (eds.)
Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems Workshops (SASOW), pages 235–240
IEEE Computer Society

Nowadays, news management systems present new critical challenges in the knowledge management process: the ever-increasing amount of information to handle, its heterogeneity in structure, and the pace at which it is made available are just a few to mention. Features such as autonomy and self-organisation are essential to face challenges of such a sort: along this line, in this paper we discuss the application of the Molecules of Knowledge (MoK) model to news management. In particular, we show how to integrate the state-of-art international standards for news representation and dissemination in MoK. To this end, we define the MoK-News domain-specific model, and present our first experiments in self-organising knowledge-oriented coordination for news management.

keywordsMolecules of Knowledge, biochemical tuple spaces, knowledge management, news management systems, self-organising coordination
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