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page_white_acrobat  Integrating Objective & Subjective Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems (paper in proceedings, 2004)Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Giovanni Rimassa
book  Agents, Nodes & Resources: Universal Naming System for a Coordination Middleware (1st cycle, 19/12/2013) — Federico Foschini
page_white_acrobat  Towards a Pervasive Infrastructure for Chemical-Inspired Self-organising Services (paper in proceedings, 2010)Mirko Viroli, Matteo Casadei, Elena Nardini, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat  Enlightened Agents in TuCSoN (paper in proceedings, 2001)Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Omicini, Enrico Denti
page_white_text (courses.smalm1112.projects)  Mapping SAPERE on TuCSoN: An Architectural Approach
page_white_acrobat  Building Smart Environments as Agent Workspaces (paper in proceedings, 2007)Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Giuseppe Vizzari
page_white_acrobat  Reasoning about Organisation: Shaping the Infrastructure (article in journal, 2003)Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci
book  Advanced role-based models for organisation in MAS coordination infrastructures  (2nd cycle, 14/12/2006) — Stefano Riffelli
page_white_acrobat  Coordination Tools for MAS Development and Deployment (article in journal, 2002)Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci
page_white_text (courses.smalm1011.projects)  Auto-organizzazione delle informazioni in una rete tramite algoritmo nature-inspired
page_white_acrobat  Agent Coordination Infrastructures for Virtual Enterprises and Workflow Management (paper in proceedings, 2001)Alessandro Ricci, Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat  Coordination Technology for the Development of Multi-Agent Systems on the Web (paper in proceedings, 1999)Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini, Vladimiro Toschi
page_white_text (courses.sdlm1213.projects)  TOTA on TuCSoN

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