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What is TuCSoN4JADE

TuCSoN4JADE (T4J for short) is a Java library enabling JADE agents to exploit TuCSoN coordination services wrapped as an ad-hoc API into a JADE kernel service.

JADE is a FIPA-compliant Java-based agent development framework featuring standard MAS middleware features such as agent mobility, white and yellow pages service, ACL-based message passing, and built-in FIPA protocols. TuCSoN is a Java-based middleware providing software agents with coordination as a service via programmable logic tuple spaces, called tuple centres. By combining TuCSoN and JADE, T4J aims at providing MAS engineers with a full-featured MAS middleware, enabling them to exploit both dimensions of agent-oriented software engineeringindividual, through #jade() agents; social, via TuCSoN tuple centres — in a complete and well-balanced way.

T4J is available under GNU LGPL license.

Getting Started

  • download t4j.jar archive from the Downloads section on its Bitbucket repository
  • download the libraries it depends on
    • JADE — from its Download page (jade.jar)
    • TuCSoN — from its Downloads section (tucson.jar)
    • tuProlog — from its Downloads section (2p.jar)
  • open a command prompt in the folder where you put all the four jars above, then type
    • on Linux & Mac OS
      java -cp t4j.jar:tucson.jar:2p.jar:jade.jar jade.Boot -gui -services it.unibo.tucson.jade.service.TucsonService
    • on Windows
      java -cp t4j.jar:tucson.jar;2p.jar;jade.jar jade.Boot -gui -services it.unibo.tucson.jade.service.TucsonService
  • JADE GUI should appear as depicted below
    • t4j-running.jpeg

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