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Alessandro Ricci, Angelo Croatti, Stefano Mariani, Sara Montagna, Marco Picone
Web of Digital Twins
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology 22(4), November 2022
Alessandro Ricci, Angelo Croatti, Sara Montagna
Pervasive and Connected Digital Twins - A Vision for Digital Health
IEEE Internet Computing 26(05), 2022
Angelo Croatti, Marco Longoni, Sara Montagna
Applying Telemedicine for Stroke Remote Diagnosis: the TeleStroke System
Procedia Computer Science 198, 2021
Sara Montagna, Stefano Mariani, Emiliano Gamberini
Augmenting BDI Agency with a Cognitive Service: Architecture and Validation in Healthcare Domain
Journal of Medical Systems 45(12), 2021
Angelo Croatti, Sara Montagna, Carolina Lombardi, Gianfranco Parati, Martino F. Pengo, Alessandro Silvani
An Internet of Medical Things system to increase continuous positive airway pressure usage in patients with sleep disordered breathing
SN Computer Science 2(117), 2021
Angelo Croatti, Matteo Gabellini, Sara Montagna, Alessandro Ricci
On the Integration of Agents and Digital Twins in Healthcare
Journal of Medical Systems 44, August 2020
Sara Montagna, Stefano Mariani, Emiliano Gamberini, Alessandro Ricci, Franco Zambonelli
Complementing Agents with Cognitive Services: A Case Study in Healthcare
Journal of Medical Systems 44, September 2020
Sara Montagna, Michele Braccini, Andrea Roli
The Impact of Self-loops on Boolean Networks Attractor Landscape and Implications for Cell Differentiation Modelling
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 2020
Sara Montagna, Angelo Croatti, Alessandro Ricci, Vanni Agnoletti, Vittorio Albarello, Emiliano Gamberini
Real-time tracking and documentation in trauma management
Health Informatics Journal 26(1), 2020
Angelo Croatti, Sara Montagna, Alessandro Ricci, Emiliano Gamberini, Vittorio Albarello, Vanni Agnoletti
BDI Personal Medical Assistant Agents: The Case of Trauma Tracking and Alerting
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 96, May 2019
Sara Montagna, Andrea Omicini
Agent-based Modelling for the Self-Management of Chronic Diseases: An Exploratory Study
Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International 93(9), September 2017
Simon Dobson, Mirko Viroli, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Franco Zambonelli, Graeme Stevenson, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Sara Montagna, Danilo Pianini, Juan Ye, Gabriella Castelli, Alberto Rosi
Spatial awareness in pervasive ecosystems
Knowledge Engineering Review 31(4), September 2016
Maura Cárdenas-García, Pedro Pablo González Pérez, Sara Montagna, Oscar Sánchez Cortés, Elena Hernández Caballero
Modeling intercellular communication as a survival strategy of cancer cells: An in-silico approach on a flexible bioinformatics framework
Bioinformatics and Biology Insights 10, March 2016
Franco Zambonelli, Andrea Omicini, Bernhard Anzengruber, Gabriella Castelli, Francesco L. DeAngelis, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Simon Dobson, José Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Alois Ferscha, Marco Mamei, Stefano Mariani, Ambra Molesini, Sara Montagna, Jussi Nieminen, Danilo Pianini, Matteo Risoldi, Alberto Rosi, Graeme Stevenson, Mirko Viroli, Juan Ye
Developing Pervasive Multi-Agent Systems with Nature-Inspired Coordination
Pervasive and Mobile Computing 17-B, February 2015
Mirko Viroli, Danilo Pianini, Sara Montagna, Graeme Stevenson, Franco Zambonelli
A coordination model of pervasive service ecosystems
Science of Computer Programming 110, 2015
Sara Montagna, Mirko Viroli, Andrea Roli
A framework supporting multi-compartment stochastic simulation and parameter optimisation for investigating biological system development
Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International 91(7), June 2015
Pedro Pablo González Pérez, Maura Cárdenas-García, Sara Montagna
Understanding the PI3K/AKT Anti-Apoptotic Signalling Pathway: a Tuple Space-Based Computational Framework for Simulating the Signal Transduction
Journal of Computations & Modelling 3(2), 2013
Sara Montagna, Mirko Viroli, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Franco Zambonelli
Injecting Self-organisation into Pervasive Service Ecosystems
Mobile Networks and Applications 18(3), 2013
Danilo Pianini, Sara Montagna, Mirko Viroli
Chemical-oriented Simulation of Computational Systems with ALCHEMIST
Journal of Simulation, 2013
Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Sara Montagna, Mirko Viroli, Josep Lluis Arcos
Description and composition of bio-inspired design patterns: a complete overview
Natural Computing 12(1), 2013
Maura Cárdenas-García, Pedro Pablo González Pérez, Sara Montagna
Simulation of caspases apoptotic signalling pathway in a tuple space-based bioinformatics infrastructure
EMBnet.journal 18(B), 2012
Mirko Viroli, Matteo Casadei, Sara Montagna, Franco Zambonelli
Spatial Coordination of Pervasive Services through Chemical-inspired Tuple Spaces
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems 6(2), June 2011
Sara Montagna, Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Omicini
A&A for Modelling and Engineering Simulations in Systems Biology
International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering 2(2), 2008
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