Applying Telemedicine for Stroke Remote Diagnosis: the TeleStroke System

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Angelo Croatti, Marco Longoni, Sara Montagna
Procedia Computer Science 198, pages 164-170

In the healthcare context, one of the branches where we assisted in a remarkable evolution in the last decade is telemedicine. Enhancements in the ICT landscape have driven this evolution toward the current state of the art. Nonetheless, despite its undeniable benefits - both for patients health and local health authorities economics - nowadays telemedicine has not been fully adopted as much as it could be. In fact, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened the role and importance of telemedicine nowadays, also highlighting the existing gaps. This paper describes a telemedicine-oriented software system called TeleStroke to support the remote diagnosis of a possible stroke, applied to an Hub&Spoke healthcare organisation.

keywordsTelemedicine; Teleconsultation; Neurology; Stroke; Smartglasses
journal or series
book Procedia Computer Science (Procedia)