tocTable Of ContentsNavigationGenerates a Table Of Contents.Global
sipeaaSIPEAANamesDisplays project acronym “SIPEAA”Current Wiki
thesisThesisThesesDisplays descriptor for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
exampleExampleFormattingShows an example and its source code.Current Wiki
mentionUser MentionNotificationsInserts a user mention.Current Wiki
expectationEXPECTATIONNamesDisplays project acronym “EXPECTATION”Current Wiki
eclipseitEclipse-ITNamesDisplays project acronym “Eclipse-IT”Current Wiki
asyncAsyncContentAsynchronous and cached execution of wiki content.Global
pdfPDF Object EmbedThis macro allows embedding a PDF file in a wiki page using the <object> tag.Global
internshipInternInternship InternInternshipsDisplay intern for Internship objectCurrent Wiki
spaceindexSpace IndexDeprecatedLists documents in a space.Current Wiki
figureCaptionFigure CaptionDevelopmentProvide a figure caption when used inside the Figure macro.Global
spacesSpacesNavigationDisplays all the spaces in this wiki.Current Wiki
thesisSupervisorsThesis SupervisorsThesesDisplays supervisors for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
errorError MessageFormattingDisplays an error message note.Global
pubEditorsPublication EditorsPublicationsDisplays editors for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
eosdueEOS DUENamesDisplays project acronym “EOS DUE”Current Wiki
thesisStudentThesis StudentThesesDisplays student for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
thesisCycleThesis CycleTalksDisplays cycle for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
oitosOITOSNamesDisplays project acronym “OITOS”Current Wiki
warningWarning MessageFormattingDisplays a warning message note.Global
gaiaGaiaNamesDisplays name “Gaia”Current Wiki
monthEngItaMonth English / ItalianPresentationAdjusts month to the context languageCurrent Wiki
pubServiceImgPublication Service ImagePublicationsDisplays service image linked to Publication objectCurrent Wiki
editorStringEditor StringPublicationsDisplays editor stringCurrent Wiki
namesFromBibtexNamesFromBibTeXPresentationConverts a list of names in BibTeX format into a proper name listCurrent Wiki
pubSortPublication SortPublicationsDisplays sort for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
thesisDateThesis DateThesesDisplays date for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
workspacesWorkspacesDeprecatedDeprecated macro that should not be used, here for compatibility reason. Please use the "wikis" macro instead.Current Wiki
t4jnTuCSoN4JasonNamesDisplays name “TuCSoN4Jade”Current Wiki
macroMacroMetaDisplays a (linked) macro ID and its description Current Wiki
sodaSODANamesDisplays acronym “SODA”Current Wiki
psykePSyKeNamesDisplays acronym “PSyKE”Current Wiki
internshipTitleInternship TitleInternshipsDisplays title for Internship objectCurrent Wiki
contextContextDevelopmentExecutes content in the context of the passed documentGlobal
pubPublicationPublicationsDisplays descriptor for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
acltACLTNamesDisplays acronym “ACLT”Current Wiki
liveDataLive DataContentDisplay dynamic lists of data.Global
rssRSSContentOutput latest feed entries from a RSS feed.Global
docviewerDocument ViewerDisplays an embedded PDF or MS Powerpoint document viewer
successSuccess MessageFormattingDisplays a success message note.Global
pubVenuePublication VenuePublicationsDisplays venue for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
courseAmsCourse AMS LinkCoursesDisplays link to AMS page for Course objectCurrent Wiki
templateTemplateDevelopmentInsert a template.Global
2pkt2P-KtNamesDisplays acronym “2P-Kt”Current Wiki
chartChartContentDisplays a graphical chart generated from miscellaneous data sourcesGlobal
notificationsAutoWatchPreferencesNotifications Auto Watch PreferencesNotificationsCurrent Wiki
bisonBISONNamesDisplays project acronym “BISON”Current Wiki
pubAuthorsPublication AuthorsPublicationsDisplays authors for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
containerContainerLayoutA macro to enclose multiple groups and add decoration, such as layout.Global
iolIOLCoursesLinks IOL (Insegnamenti OnLine @ UniBo) resourcesCurrent Wiki
pythonPythonDevelopmentExecutes a python script.Global
eventDatesEvent datesEventsDisplays start/end dates for Event objectCurrent Wiki
anchorEngItaAnchor English / ItalianPresentationLinks a label in English / Italian to an HTML anchor in a XWiki pageCurrent Wiki
patjP@JNamesDisplays name “P@J”Current Wiki
scriptScriptDevelopmentExecute script in provided script language.Global
useravatarUser AvatarContentAllows displaying the avatar for a specific user.Global
talkAuthorsTalk AuthorsTalksDisplays authors for Talk objectCurrent Wiki
courseCycleCourse CycleCoursesDisplays academic cycle for Course objectCurrent Wiki
englishEnglishLanguageDisplays content if context language is EnglishCurrent Wiki
mapMapDisplays an interactive geographical map.Current Wiki
respectReSpecTNamesDisplays acronym “ReSpecT”Current Wiki
tuprologtuPrologNamesDisplays name “tuProlog”Current Wiki
talkCategoryTalkCategoryTalksDisplays category for Talk objectCurrent Wiki
dashboardDashboardLayoutA macro to define a dashboard.Global
agentlink3AgentLink IIINamesDisplays project acronym “AgentLink III”Current Wiki
virtualeVirtualeCoursesLinks Virtuale (Virtual Learning Environment @ UniBo) resourcesCurrent Wiki
eosEOSNamesDisplays project acronym “EOS”Current Wiki
mokMoKNamesDisplays acronym “MoK”Current Wiki
wikisWikisNavigationList all wikisCurrent Wiki
cacheCacheDevelopmentCaches content.Global
anchorFieldAnchor FieldPresentationLinks a label in English / Italian to an anchor in a Field List page of an APICe object spaceCurrent Wiki
thesisRoleThesis RoleTalksDisplays role for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
notificationsCustomFiltersPreferencesNotifications Custom Filters PreferencesNotificationsDisplay the preferences of the given user about custom notification filters.Current Wiki
tusowTuSoWNamesDisplays acronym “TuSoW”Current Wiki
traumatrackerTraumaTrackerNamesDisplays name “TraumaTracker”Current Wiki
stringItaItalian StringLanguageDisplays a string if context language is ItalianCurrent Wiki
stilSTILNamesDisplays project acronym “STIL”Current Wiki
criadCRIADNamesDisplays event acronym “CRIAD”Current Wiki
aeaA&ANamesDisplays acronym “A&A”Current Wiki
semhealthcoordSemantic Health CoordinationNamesDisplays project acronym “SemHealthCoord”Current Wiki
pubTitlePublication TitlePublicationsDisplays title for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
notificationsFiltersPreferencesNotifications Filters Preferences (deprecated)NotificationsDisplay the preferences of the current user about notification filters.
This macro is now deprecated in favor of Custom Notifications Filters Preferences or System Notifications Filters Preferences.
Current Wiki
notificationsNotificationsNotificationsCurrent Wiki
velocityVelocityDevelopmentExecutes a Velocity script.Global
lpaasLPaaSNamesDisplays acronym “LPaaS”Current Wiki
eventNameEvent NameEventsDisplay name for Event object Current Wiki
pubLinksPublication LinksPublicationsDisplays title for Publication object with service decorationsCurrent Wiki
wikimacroparameterWikiMacro ParameterDevelopmentDisplay editable parameter of a wikimacro.Global
stringEngEnglish StringLanguageDisplays a string if context language is EnglishCurrent Wiki
cinaCINANamesDisplays project acronym “CINA”Current Wiki
pubYearPublication YearPublicationsDisplays year for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
resetRESETNamesDisplays project acronym “RESET”Current Wiki
codeCodeFormattingHighlights code snippets of various programming languagesGlobal
nokiacoordCoordination Technologies for Mobile Agents and Wireless DevicesNamesDisplays project name “Coordination Technologies for Mobile Agents and Wireless Devices”Current Wiki
italianoItalianoLanguageDisplays content if context language is ItalianCurrent Wiki
homemanagerHome ManagerNamesDisplays name “Home Manager”Current Wiki
idIdNavigationAllows putting a reference/location in a page. In HTML for example this is called an Anchor. It allows pointing to that location, for example in links.Global
includeIncludeContentInclude other pages into the current page.Global
internshipTutorInternship TutorInternshipsDisplays tutor for Internship objectCurrent Wiki
courseOtherprofessorsCourse Other ProfessorsCoursesDisplays other professor(s) name(s) for Course objectCurrent Wiki
iconPickerIcon PickerDevelopmentSelect an icon within the XWiki icon set.Current Wiki
formulaFormulaContentDisplays a mathematical formula.Global
wikimacrocontentWikiMacro ContentDevelopmentDisplay editable content of a wikimacro.Global
apiceAPICeNamesDisplays name “APICe”Current Wiki
internshipInternshipInternshipsDisplays descriptor for Internship objectCurrent Wiki
alooALOONamesDisplays acronym “ALOO”Current Wiki
thesisStatusThesis StatusTalksDisplays status for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
boxBoxFormattingDraw a box around provided content.Global
arg2pArg2PNamesDisplays acronym “Arg2P”Current Wiki
menuEntryMenu EntryPanelDisplays an internal link as an entry in a panel menu, checking the existence of the page. Accepts bilingual (en/it) labels for the entry.Current Wiki
messageSenderMessage SenderSocialA control that allows users to enter messages that are handled by the MessageStream module.Current Wiki
talkTalkTalksDisplays descriptor for Talk objectCurrent Wiki
pubStatusPublication StatusPublicationsDisplays status for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
childrenChildrenNavigationDisplays a tree of children pages of the current pageCurrent Wiki
courseTimetableCourse Timetable LinkCoursesDisplays link to timetable for Course objectCurrent Wiki
sapereSAPERENamesDisplays project acronym “SAPERE”Current Wiki
mensaMEnSANamesMacro to display the acronym "MEnSA" in the desired format
full (boolean): display the full project name / yes/no / default no
Current Wiki
displayDisplayContentDisplay other pages into the current page.Global
talkSpeakersTalk SpeakersTalksDisplays speakers for Talk objectCurrent Wiki
translationTranslationContentDisplay a translation message.Global
thesisTitleThesis TitleThesesDisplays title for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
courseNameCourse NameCoursesDisplays course name for Course objectCurrent Wiki
infoInfo MessageFormattingDisplays an info message note.Global
treeTreeNavigationDisplays a tree hierarchy defined by the macro content or the source parameter.Current Wiki
2p2PNamesDisplays acronym “2P”Current Wiki
eventEventEventsDisplays descriptor for Event objectCurrent Wiki
tucsonTuCSoNNamesDisplays acronym “TuCSoN”Current Wiki
documentTreeDocument TreeNavigationDisplays the tree of XWiki documents.Current Wiki
t4jTuCSoN4JadeNamesDisplays name “TuCSoN4Jade”Current Wiki
kanbanKanbanKanban macro allowing to display and edit a kanbanCurrent Wiki
journalNameJournal NameJournalsDisplays name for Journal objectCurrent Wiki
courseTutorsCourse TutorsCoursesDisplays tutor(s) name(s) for Course objectCurrent Wiki
awmkanbanKanban board for AppWithinMinutesDisplay XWiki Documents from an AWM as a Kanban board (see
stringEngItaEnglish / Italian StringsLanguageDisplays a string depending on context language — either English or ItalianCurrent Wiki
courseCourseCoursesDisplays descriptor for Course objectCurrent Wiki
notificationsEmailPreferencesNotifications Email PreferencesNotificationsDisplay the preferences of the current user about notification emails.Current Wiki
tagcloudTag CloudContentDisplays the cloud of tags in this wiki or in the specified space, if any.Current Wiki
netscaleNETSCALENamesDisplays project acronym “NETSCALE”Current Wiki
trust03TRUST 03NamesDisplays project acronym “TRUST 03”Current Wiki
activityActivity (legacy)NotificationsProvide a macro implemented with the Notifications Application to keep a backward compatibility with Activity Stream.Current Wiki
commentCommentDevelopmentAllows putting comments in the source content. This macro doesn't output anything.Global
htmlHTMLDevelopmentInserts HTML or XHTML code into the page.Global
contentContentContentAllows writing content in any wiki markupGlobal
thesisContactsThesis ContactsThesesDisplays contacts for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
internshipCotutorsInternship CotutorsInternshipsDisplays cotutors for Internship objectCurrent Wiki
edemocracyE-DemocracyNamesDisplays project acronym “E-Democracy”Current Wiki
aomp2009AOMP @ SAC 2009NamesDisplays event acronym “AOMP @ SAC 2009”Current Wiki
officeOffice Document ViewerContentView office attachments (doc, ppt, xls, odt, odp, ods etc.) inside wiki pages without downloading or importing them.Global
maop4fiMAOP4FINamesDisplays project acronym “MAOP4FI”Current Wiki
galleryGalleryLayoutDisplays the images found in the provided content using a slide-show view.Global
talkTitleTalk TitleTalksDisplays title for Talk objectCurrent Wiki
courseAYCourse Academic YearCoursesDisplays academic year for Course objectCurrent Wiki
journalAcronymJournal AcronymJournalsDisplays acronym for Journal objectCurrent Wiki
notificationsSystemFiltersPreferencesNotifications System Filters PreferencesNotificationsDisplay the preferences of the given user about system notification filters.Current Wiki
figureFigureDevelopmentTag content as an illustration and with an optional caption.Global
cartagoCArtAgONamesDisplays acronym “CArtAgO”Current Wiki
putFootnotesPut FootnoteContentDisplays the footnotes defined so far. If missing, all footnotes are displayed by default at the end of the page.Global
attachmentSelectorAttachment SelectorDevelopmentA control to be used for object properties of the current document that are supposed to contain the name of an attachment from the current (or target) document. Allows uploading new attachments, and deleting attachments from the target document.  If no target document is specified, the current document will be used. Object properties are only saved to the current document.Current Wiki
sourceSourceMetaShows a macro use case – source code and displayCurrent Wiki
notificationsApplicationsPreferencesNotifications Applications PreferencesNotificationsDisplay the preferences of the current user about notification applications.Current Wiki
menuMenuNavigationDisplays a menu created using simple wiki syntax (nested lists and links).Global
msbionetMS-BioNETNamesDisplays acronym “MS-BioNET”Current Wiki
simpasimpANamesDisplays acronym “simpA”Current Wiki
eventAcronymEvent AcronymEventsDisplay acronym for Event object Current Wiki
almatwoAlmaTwoNamesDisplays project acronym “AlmaTwo”Current Wiki
compulawCompuLawNamesDisplays project acronym “CompuLaw”Current Wiki
documentsDocumentsContentDisplays a list of documents in a LivetableCurrent Wiki
aomip2010AOMIP @ SAC 2010NamesDisplays event acronym “AOMIP @ SAC 2010”Current Wiki
argtuprologArg-tuPrologNamesDisplays name “Arg-tuProlog”Current Wiki
namesFromUsersNamesFromUsersPublicationsDisplays a list of XWiki users as a name listCurrent Wiki
awareAWARENamesDisplays project acronym “AWARE”Current Wiki
bibtexUserDisplayBibTeX User DisplayPublicationsDisplays a "Surname, Name" string in possibly-decorated "Name Surname" formCurrent Wiki
groovyGroovyDevelopmentExecute a groovy script.Global
footnoteFootnoteContentGenerates a footnote to display at the end of the page.Global
simpalsimpALNamesDisplays acronym “simpAL”Current Wiki
courseProfessorCourse ProfessorCoursesDisplays professor(s) name(s) for Course objectCurrent Wiki
alchemistAlchemistNamesDisplays name “Alchemist”Current Wiki
jwplayerJW PlayerContentThe JW Player is an open-source embeddable media player for web sites, supporting many commonly-used audio and video formats. The player is easy to configure, customize and extend.Current Wiki
pubAutheditorsPublication Authors or EditorsPublicationsDisplays authors (if any) or editors for Publication objectCurrent Wiki
stairwaiStairwAINamesDisplays project acronym “StairwAI”Current Wiki
ai4euAI4EUNamesDisplays project acronym “AI4EU”Current Wiki
displayNameDisplay APICe NamesNamesSelects one of the APICe name macros to displayCurrent Wiki
journalJournalJournalsDisplays descriptor for Journal objectCurrent Wiki
internshipTypeInternship TypeInternshipsDisplay type for Internship objectCurrent Wiki
thesisCosupervisorsThesis SupervisorsThesesDisplays cosupervisors for Thesis objectCurrent Wiki
prima2015PRIMA 2015NamesDisplays event acronym “PRIMA 2015”Current Wiki
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