anchorEngIta macro

anchorEngIta macro

  • inline
    • yes
  • content
    • optional
      • a reference to a XWiki page
  • parameters
    •  anchor — the anchor name
      • admissible values: a string for an HTML anchor
      • default: anchor 
    •  eng — a string for the label in English
      • default: Anchor 
    •  ita — a string for the label in Italian
      • default: Ancora 


{{anchorEngIta ita="AAAaaancoraa"}}{{/anchorEngIta}}
{{anchorEngIta anchor='title' eng='Title of the Publication' ita='Titolo della pubblicazione'}} Publications.Fields {{/anchorEngIta}}


{{anchorEngIta}}Less cow{{/anchorEngIta}}

Document Less cow does not exist in APICe