On the Role of Scientific Publications in SAPERE

From the SAPERE Technical Annex, Part B, page 56:
Technical and Scientific Publications. Dissemination will take place by means of scientific publications, and presentations in conferences and workshops. The research records of the Consortium partners and their leading involvement in different research communities provides strong guarantees that SAPERE will acquire notable reputation and visibility across a variety of (typically loosely interacting) communities. It can be expected that SAPERE research results will appear in major magazines, journals and conferences in areas such as software engineering, distributed and pervasive computing, multiagent systems, autonomic computing and autonomic communications. The organization of special issues on selected topics of relevance to SAPERE by project partners will also be encouraged.”

Dissemination of the SAPERE vision and of the research results achieved during the project is considered of primary importance for the consortium, and scientific publications constitute a key dissemination channels of SAPERE.
According to that, this space collects all the scientific literature resulting from the SAPERE project activities, along with the main conceptual and technological premises as well as the most relevant related literature, either produced by the project's partners or by other prominent researchers in the SAPERE areas of interest.

SAPERE Publications

SAPERE publications in APICe can be accessed according to their relation with the project.

Literature for SAPERE

4 Publications  /  SAPERE-core

Literature from SAPERE

9 Publications  /  SAPERE-in

Literature before SAPERE

6 Publications  /  SAPERE-pre

SAPERE related literature

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All SAPERE literature

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— full name

Self-Aware Pervasive service Ecosystems


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— programme

FP7-ICT – Specific Programme "Cooperation": Information and communication technologies

— topic

ICT-2009.8.5 – FET proactive 5: Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems

— call



— funding scheme

CP - Collaborative project

— grant no


— overall budget

€ 3026880,00

— EU contribution

€ 2300000,00

— EU contribution / UniBo

€ 388000,00


— duration

36 months

— start date

1 October 2010

— end date

30 September 2013

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