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18 second-cycle theses  /  2017–2023  /  Giovanni Ciatto

second-cycle theses
Giuseppe Boezio
Extending the 2P-Kt ecosystem: CLP and Labelled LP
Second-cycle Thesis, 03/02/2023
Giulia Brugnatti
Model-Based Contrastive Explanations for XAIP: Towards a General Model and Prototype 
Second-cycle Thesis, 15/12/2022
Luca Nannini
Logic ecosystems meet meta-interpretivative learning: design and experiments on 2p-Kt
Second-cycle Thesis, 27/05/2022
Andrea Giordano
Extending the 2P-Kt ecosystem with Concurrent Logic Programming support
Second-cycle Thesis, 16/12/2021
Giovanni Speciale
Il Ragionamento Logico come Forma di Apprendimento: Sviluppo di Un Framework per ILP
Second-cycle Thesis, 22/07/2021
Jason Dellaluce
Enhancing Symbolic AI Ecosystems with Probabilistic Logic Programming: a Kotlin Multi-Platform Case Study
Second-cycle Thesis, 21/07/2021
Maicol Forti
Logic Reasoning in BDI Agents: Current Trends and Spatial Integrations
Second-cycle Thesis, 28/05/2021
Shapour Nemati
Engineering Angle-of-Arrival-based Indoor Localization Systems
Second-cycle Thesis, 26/03/2021
Matteo Castiglio
Integrazione tra Programmazione Logica e Reti Neurali:  esperimenti in 2p-Kt
Second-cycle Thesis, 04/02/2021
Federico Sabbatini
Interpretable Prediction of Galactic Cosmic-Ray Short-Term Variations with Artificial Neural Networks
Second-cycle Thesis, 17/12/2020
AI simbolica e sub-simbolica per XAI: stato dell'arte ed esperimenti con reti neurali e vincoli logici
Second-cycle Thesis, 19/03/2020
Filippo Nicolini
Simulazione di Agenti BDI basati su Prolog in Alchemist
Second-cycle Thesis, 12/12/2019
Enrico Siboni
2p-Kt: A Kotlin-based, Multi-Platform Framework for Symbolic AI
Second-cycle Thesis, 12/12/2019
Matteo Minardi
Analisi comparata di tecnologie open-source per l'elaborazione di flussi di dati
Second-cycle Thesis, 12/12/2019
Ashley Caselli
Logic-based coordination: a semantic approach to self-composition of services
Second-cycle Thesis, 21/03/2019
Edoardo Antonini
Testing automatico per una implementazione dello standard OpenGL
Second-cycle Thesis, 18/10/2018
Alessandro Contro
Multi-sensing Data Fusion: Target tracking via particle filtering
Second-cycle Thesis, 18/10/2018
Alex Collini
Blockchain: modello generale e tassonomia delle componenti chiave
Second-cycle Thesis, 22/03/2018
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