Integrated Development Environments: Exploring the Impact of the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence on Workflow Efficiency and its Potential for Developer Displacement

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Starting from a comprehensive overview of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), emphasizing their most important features and their tendency to evolve towards cloud-based solutions along with the advantages and disadvantages of that process, this thesis delves into the ramifications of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) features within modern IDEs. With the recent shift towards the development of new AI-powered technologies and the improvement of existing ones, the incorporation of these technolo gies into IDEs is becoming progressively more prevalent. This research aims to provide a comprehensive examination of how the implementation of AI within IDEs can have an influence on the workflow of developers by streamlining development processes, and evaluates the potential risks associated with automation having a negative impact on traditional developer roles, eventually leading to the displacement of developers who operate in business settings. This thesis seeks to perform a thorough examination of these dynamics, offering insights into the characteristics and trends of existing IDEs, as well the opportunities and challenges presented by the integration of AI within them, thereby contributing to a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of software development tools.