Logic Reasoning in BDI Agents: Current Trends and Spatial Integrations

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This thesis finds its place in the context of BDI agents and aims to enable a form of situated spatial reasoning. A survey is proposed in which the possible techniques and technologies that can be integrated into the BDI model to provide a form of spatial reasoning are analyzed. This review highlights a technological gap that we have therefore decided to fill, with the goal of providing a way to locate logical information in certain spatial areas and to be able to constrain reasoning on them. In this thesis we propose Geo2p, a technological prototype based on 2P-Kt that allows you to query situated information in tuProlog, enabling a form of spatial reasoning: given a region of space where certain Clauses are valid, a Theory can be defined, constraining the knowledge on what is true in the selected area.

keywordsMAS, BDI, Spatial Reasoning, 2P-Kt,Geo2p