International Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (2013—2024)

EMAS is meant to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in the domains of agent-oriented software engineering, programming multi-agent systems, declarative agent languages and technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to present and discuss their research and emerging results in engineering MAS. The overall purpose of the workshop is to facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas and experiences in the various fields to:

  • Enhance our knowledge of the theory and practice of engineering intelligent agents and multi-agent systems, and advance the state of the art;
  • Demonstrate how MAS methodologies, architectures, languages and tools can be used in the engineering of deployed large-scale and open MAS;
  • Define new directions for engineering MAS by drawing on results and recommendations from related research areas;
  • Encourage PhD and Masters students to become involved in and contribute to the area.
6 events in the series