Exploiting Simulation for MAS Programming and Engineering - The JaCaMo-sim Platform

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Alessandro Ricci, Angelo Croatti, Rafael H. Bordini, Jomi F. Hubner, Olivier Boissier
Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS 2020)

Simulation can be an important conceptual and practical tool to support the engineering of multi-agent systems (MAS), in different ways. In this paper we consider the case in which simulation is applied and exploited directly upon a MAS developed using an existing agent/MAS programming platform. That is: without requiring to model and simulate agents and their environment using a different platform, e.g. an agent-based simulation one. In particular, we describe the design of JaCaMo-sim, an extension of the JaCaMo platform that makes it possible to both run and simulate the execution of MAS programs based on BDI agents written in Jason, situated in artifact-based environments developed in CArtAgO. The tool can be useful for different aspects that concern MAS engineering, from MAS testing/debugging at development time to agent decision making support at runtime.

keywordsAgent Programming; AOSE; Simulation; Multi-Agent Programming; JaCaMo; BDI; Testing; Debugging
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worldEMAS 2020@AAMAS 2020