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Upgrade from 1.6.2 to 1.7.2

The xWiki Upgrade Process

Upgrade Documentation and Resources

Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 1.7.2

  • Reorganized, documented and enhanced xwiki.cfg configuration file.
  • XWiki Syntax 2.0 improvements
    • Allow wiki syntax inside links
    • Images can be defined as URLs
    • New syntax for tables
  • New Macros:
  • New WYSIWYG editor improvements
    • Image handling
    • Table handling
    • link to wiki page, web page, email
  • WebDAV server support
  • New Attachment view: all the attachments of the wiki in the Index
  • Important Bugfixes
All the changes in the JIRA site:


Set the test environment up

  • retrieve latest virtual machine tar file from file server,
  • create new Virtual Machine to a virtualization host,
  • uncompress and import in the Datastore
  • clone the VM,
  • start the VM Virtual Machine
  • take snapshot
  • rotate /usr/local/tomcat/logs (7GB per year!!)
  • The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library for optimal performance i not found on the java.library.path: TO DO
  • update-upgrade linux OS distribution

Skin analysis

  1. Many differences to skin 162 vs 172 (some file moved in templates directory)
  2. modified register.vm: redirection to login
  3. Modified Skin (162 vs 172)
    1. style.css (Identical)
    2. footer.vm (Identical)
    3. view.vm (Identical)
    4. viewheader.vm (Identical)
    5. logo (Identical)
    6. menuview.vm differ
    7. space.vm differ
    8. contentview.vm (removed)
    9. classes.css (removed)
    10. javascript (removed)
    11. stylesheets (Identical)
    12. login.vm (Identical)
  4. removed other than albatross skin directory from webapps/skins
  5. modified classes section removed 132 migration (import wiki.css and xwikicss in Style section)
  6. modified javascript section removed in 122 migration (keep default)
  7. modified content view.vm section removed during 162 migration
  8. updated Menuview section with 172 changes
  9. updated Space section with 172 changes
  10. not updated Login section (Forgot Password section not included)

Current test release

To test the newly upgraded release (v1.7.2) go to


Logged out

  1. check Register link
  2. http://apice.unibo.it/xwiki/bin/view/People/
    1. compare style layout
    2. check People spaces
  3. Publications
    1. check http://apice.unibo.it/xwiki/bin/view/Publications/PapersPerYear
    2. check of http://apice.unibo.it/xwiki/bin/view/Publications/PapersPerStatus
    3. check http://apice.unibo.it/xwiki/bin/view/Publications/All
    4. check http://apice.unibo.it/xwiki/bin/view/Publications/Search
  4. Talks
    • All talks ordered by year or by category
  5. Courses
    • check All, CoursesPerYear
  6. Theses
    • check Available thesis, Ongoing thesis, Completed thesis, Tags, Theses by People
    • try modify status Theses/TheseName?editor=object
  7. Projects
    • check Show All, Search

Logged in

  1. Test DSA Unibo Login
  2. Publications
    1. check http://apice.unibo.it/xwiki/bin/view/Publications/Insert
      • try Get BibTeX from data
      • try Get data from BibTeX
  3. Talks
    • edit inline form
    • insert Talk
  4. Courses
    • edit inline form
  5. Theses
    • check Available thesis, Ongoing thesis, Completed thesis, Tags, Theses by People
    • try modify status Theses/TheseName?editor=object